Got Smelly Bins?

Why put up with filthy wheelie bins, or waste time cleaning them yourself?
Have your wheelie bins professionally cleaned, disinfected and deodorised, now!

Reliable Service

Reminders via Text

Automatic Payments

Let The Bin Butler do all the dirty work.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! Fortunately, that someone doesn’t have to be you.

Leave your wheelie bin cleaning to The Bin Butler team, whose proudly Queensland made wheelie bin cleaning equipment leaves your bins squeaky clean and smelling fresh. Have your bins cleaned just once for as low as $25 per bin, or every fortnight or month for as low as $10 per bin clean 

All you have to do is complete the order form, see that the bins are out on your property boundary on the day, and your bins will be cleaned within a couple of hours after they’re emptied. You don’t even have to be there for the actual cleaning.

You’ll receive notifications for everything: including a reminder for your next clean via text message.

All payments are automatic and are processed only after your bins have been cleaned. Don’t need a regular clean anymore? Simply send us a text or email before your next scheduled clean to stop the service at any time.

Enjoying clean and odour-free bins has never been easier.


Up to 2 bins per visit
$ 20 Per Visit
  • Up to 2 bins per visit
  • Cleaned by custom bin cleaning machine
  • Disinfected & deodorised
  • Text reminders before service
  • Easy Automatic Payments
  • 5 visit minimum

Monthly Cleaning

Up to 2 bins per visit
$ 30 Per Visit
  • Up to 2 bins per visit
  • Cleaned by custom bin cleaning machine
  • Disinfected & deodorised
  • Text reminders before service
  • Easy Automatic Payments
  • 3 visit minimum

One-Off Cleaning

Up to 2 bins cleaned
$ 50 Per Visit
  • Up to 2 bins
  • Cleaned by custom bin cleaning machine
  • Disinfected & deodorised
  • Text reminders before service
  • Invoice sent after cleans are completed
  • no minimum visits

Clean bins aren’t just a luxury, but a lifesaver.

Protect your children and your pets from disease.

Bins that aren’t cleaned properly or regularly don’t just breed nasty smells, but bugs and rodents, as well. Keeping your bins clean means keeping your home and property free of the viruses and bacteria that come with these pests.

Clean your bins without making
a mess.

Your freshly cleaned bins and SMS notifications will be the only traces of a completed bin clean, because service by The Bin Butler service does not include tipping bins into the street or anywhere near your property. Around 90% of the water and waste from the bins is recaptured by our cleaning machines during cleaning.

Keep your environment clean and beautiful.

Having your bins cleaned regularly by The Bin Butler means using clean water, and disposing of the wastewater after cleaning only at council-approved locations. That means you’re not just contributing to the upkeep of your home or property in an eco-friendly way, but your entire community, as well.

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Ask The Bin Butler.

Your bins will be lifted into position onto our trailer where they are pressure cleaned. The surface of each bin is then wiped with microfibre cloths, and excess wash water at the bottom of the bin is mopped up. The bin is finally sprayed with a disinfectant and deodoriser.

Your bins will be cleaned on the day that your yellow-top recycling bin is emptied.

So sorry, cash can’t be accepted for each clean, because our teams make around 50 stops per day and will find it difficult to keep track of which of our customers have paid. Payments are automated for your convenience as well as ours.

If a bin clean is missed through no fault of your own, you won’t be charged. However, if a bin clean is missed because the bins weren’t brought out or locked away, you will be charged because our team did make the trip to your property. You won’t be charged for the first time this happens, but you will be charged for the second time, onwards.

All waste water is captured and dischaarged into the foul sewer with councils approval.

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