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What to expect when your expecting….. A wheelie bin clean

Introduction: Welcome to the wonderful world of wheelie bin cleaning! At The Bin Butler, we believe that a touch of humor makes life a little brighter, just like your freshly cleaned bins. So, let’s explore what you can expect on your cleaning day! 1. SMS Reminder: Before the big day, keep an eye on your phone for a friendly SMS reminder.

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6 Reasons you should start a wheelie bin cleaning business now!

Hi, Simon here from The Bin Butler, this is just a quick post about some of the reasons you should start a wheelie bin cleaning business, now! 1. Massive earning potential Just look at how many bins are out on bin day! We like to call them little pots of Gold, check our blog post on the earning potential here 2. No

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How much money can you make cleaning wheelie bins

The streets are lined with pots of Gold and all you have to do is pick them up! (and clean them) We are often asked how much money can I make cleaning wheelie bins? The answer? How much money do you want to make cleaning wheelie bins! You see it really is up to you, when you consider almost every

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How to keep your wheelie bin clean

At The Gold Coast Bin Butler we get a lot of people asking us how to keep their wheelie bins clean.  We all know how smelly they can get and the kinds of germs and disgusting creatures they can attract. No one wants to open the lid of their bin to be greeted by this! So how can you prevent

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