Your Full Bin Day Service

Our customers never touch a dirty bin and neither should you!

Make missed bin collections a thing of the past

Missing a bin collection can be a real Headache!

Its true but it happens to all of us. You lose track of the days and the next thing you know the garbage truck has rolled past and your bins are still tucked neatly away. Disaster! Now you’re stuck with 3 options… 

1) You wait up to 2 weeks for your next collection, all the while your bins are over flowing and the garbage is getting smellier by the day, attracting flies, and unwanted guests to your bin area. 

2) You somehow wrestle your bins onto your vehicle and take them to the tip, you’ve just wasted an hour and now you and your vehicle are dirty and smelly.  

3) You contact a waste removal company to come and take them away for you, the only problem is this can take 2 to 4 days and likely cost around $150!

Dont worry we have a solution!

Our Bin Valet service will make sure you never miss a bin day again! This is our full service which completely removes you from the bin day process. So how does it work?

  • We come to your property the day before the bins are collected and place the correct bins curbside ready to be emptied.
  • We come back after the bins are emptied to disinfect the bins
  • We will clean the bins when needed based on our judgement
  • We put the bins away.

Air bnb managers

Its easy for guests to miss a bin collection and who can blame them? they are on a luxury break, stinky wheelie bins are the last thing on their minds.  While we don’t blame them for missing a  collection it can cause a major problem!  bins get overfilled and spill out, they look awful, attract all sorts of vermin and leave a negative impression on your guests.

The Bin Valet is the perfect solution, We visit each property the day before the bins are collected and make sure that the correct bins are placed correctly by the curb for the council trucks. no more missed collections or expensive tipping fee’s.

We will then call back after the bins are emptied, disinfect the bins, professionally clean them (when needed) and return them to there storage location. 


As a general rule we will come the day before garbage collections, on some occasions we will come early on the morning that they are emptied.

If a bin collection is missed due to us not putting your bins out (its hasn’t happened yet) We will arrange for the bins to be emptied at no cost.

We commit to keeping your bins clean, in some properties this will mean the bins are cleaned every week, in others it may mean that they are cleaned once per month but you can rest assured that your bins will be maintained to a high standard at all times.

We will require access to the area that the bins are stored and that is all, we have no reason actually enter the property.

We ask that you keep the dog away from the area that the bins are stored, if we cant access the bins because of your dog we will send you a message to alert you that bins have not been put out for collection.