How to keep your wheelie bin clean

At The Gold Coast Bin Butler we get a lot of people asking us how to keep their wheelie bins clean.  We all know how smelly they can get and the kinds of germs and disgusting creatures they can attract.

No one wants to open the lid of their bin to be greeted by this!

So how can you prevent this from happening to you?  There are a number of steps you can take that I will share with you below.

Step 1

Clean your bins regularly.  This is the most important step, all of the other steps will help but if you don’t clean your bins eventually it will end up getting smelly or worse!  We recommend using a professional service like ours because we have specialised equipment for doing the job and also have access to the disinfectants and deodorisers needed to keep a bin spotless and smelling fresh. Also, you know when you order from the professionals that it will get cleaned regularly. If however, you don’t want to use a bin cleaning service then, by all means, do it yourself, just make sure you do do it!

Step 2

Put your rubbish into bags and make sure you tie the bags. Bin liners may keep the surface of the bin clean but they do not stop the smells of the rubbish from attracting unwanted guests to your bin. So bag it up people!

Step 3

Heat is your main enemy when it comes to keeping a bin from smelling so where possible keep your bins out of direct sunlight.

Step 4

If you have any particularly smelly food items, such as prawn heads or raw meat, try to freeze them where possible and put them into the bin on the day they are emptied, the less time they spend in your bin the less time they have to get smelly.

I hope this information is useful to all who read it.  Remember there is no substitute to regular cleaning so book now on our home page or give us a call on 0478 818 974.

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