How much money can you make cleaning wheelie bins

The streets are lined with pots of Gold and all you have to do is pick them up! (and clean them)

We are often asked how much money can I make cleaning wheelie bins? The answer? How much money do you want to make cleaning wheelie bins! You see it really is up to you, when you consider almost every home and business in Australia has 2 or more wheelie bins you can see that there is no end to the work you can do.

I’ll lay out a few examples because of course everyone is different and has different ambitions. Firstly I will assume that you close the business for 4 weeks per year for holiday and that you will charge $8 per bin.

Example 1) you want the quiet life, easy days at work, plenty of time at home with the family and none of the extras that come with hiring staff.

You could clean 50 bins per day at an average price of $8 per bin, that’s $400 a day or $2000 per week and to do that you will probably need to clean bins for around 4 hours per day. Assuming you take 4 weeks holiday per year that’s $96,000 per year. Not bad for a part-timer!

Example 2) You are happy to work hard Monday to Friday but you still don’t want the responsibility of taking on staff.

You could clean 100 bins per day at $8 per bin, that’s $800 per day, $4000 per week and $192,000 per year, assuming a 4 week holiday

Example 3) You are getting into business to make it big, you don’t want to be out cleaning bins long term, you relish the challenge of growing your business and love creating jobs for people in your area.

You could build your business to have as many rounds as you would like but if each round had 75 bins that would be $600 per day if you paid a staff member $200 per day that leaves $400 per trailer per day. So how many do you want? 2,3,4…. 10! the work is there if you are willing to put in the effort to go and get it.

So have a think about who you are and what your ambitions are, I’m sure you will see wheelie bin cleaning is an industry where those ambitions can be achieved.


Simon Welberry

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