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Find out how you can start your own highly profitable wheelie bin-cleaning business using our unique franchise-free system and machinery, now.

No franchise agreement

No ongoing fees

More flexibility

Opportunities for growth

You’ve got a huge market out there waiting for you.
Now get what you need to serve them.

Given how often health and sanitation plus environmental protection are given the spotlight, the need for wheelie bin cleaning is an urgent one. There’s no shortage of homeowners and business managers looking for convenient solutions to their bin-cleaning problems, and because of the specialised equipment required and standards to be met, there aren’t many service providers around to cope with the demand.

That’s where you can come in to provide that essential bin-cleaning service and generate a considerable amount of profit at the same time.

Contact The Bin Butler, a team of experienced bin cleaning professionals that can help you hit the ground running with modernised methods for starting your own wheelie bin cleaning business.

Get the best wheelie bin cleaning trailers proudly manufactured in Queensland to meet Australian standards and conditions. Each trailer you get from The Bin Butler holds 250 litres of water, enough to clean 100 wheelie bins. The trailer’s hydraulic lift can carry two domestic sized bins (up to 360 litres) or one commercial sized bin (up to 1100 litres).

A Growing customer base

An in-demand service

Few competitors

State-of-the-art equipment

Trailer Specifications

  • 13 HP Honda Gx390 engine
  • Dual bin hydraulic lifting system
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Fully galvanised chassis
  • 2 safety beacons
  • 5-metre retractable hose
  • Extra long lance
  • Optional Venturi pump

You’ll have the option to purchase an extra hose, as well as a turbo nozzle attachment for the lance, while the Venturi pump will be extra helpful in removing water from a large bin. All the water in your trailer is recycled throughout the day, making your cleaning operations more eco-friendly.

Equipped with this specially designed trailer from The Bin Butler, you’ll be taking bin cleaning into the modern age and bringing a much-needed service to more people in your area and beyond.

The Bin Butler's Unique Business Opportunity

No franchise agreement

No ongoing fees

No contract

A ready-to-go “business in a box”

More flexibility

Opportunities for growth

High-grade Australian quality equipment

Residential and commercial customers

All the advantages of having your wheelie bins professionally cleaned really are just too good to keep to yourself. The good news is that making it possible for more people to enjoy the benefits of clean bins is actually quite easy and profitable.

Consider how almost every home and business in Australia has two or more wheelie bins, and how there are only a small number of bin cleaning companies in most towns and cities. It really isn’t very hard, then to recognize the earnings potential of having your own bin cleaning business.

Get everything you need to get started from The Bin Butler our wheelie bin-cleaning trailers are manufactured in Queensland to meet Australian standards and conditions.

With just one trailer, you’ll be able to carry 250 liters of water which is re-cycled throughout the day, allowing you to clean 100 wheelie bins. The trailer’s hydraulic lift gives you the muscle you need for lifting two domes-tic-sized bins (up to 360 liters) or one commercial-sized bin (up to 1100 liters).

And in case you were wondering exactly how much you might earn from cleaning bins: 50 bins per day at an average of $10 per bin will give you $500 a day or $2500 per week, which adds up to $120,000 a year (assuming you take 4 weeks of holiday). This is achievable working 4-6 hours per day with no weekend work.

We recommend charging more than $10 per bin and you can realistically clean between 80-100 bins per day so you can see the earning potential can be far higher than the $120,000 per year. 

That means how much you want to make from your bin-cleaning business ultimately depends on how much time you want to put into it. It’s really up to you

No franchise means more flexibility.

There’s no franchise agreement you’ll have to sign when you start your business with equipment from The Bin Butler. That means you won’t have to deal with the constraints of a franchise, which bind to you to branding and other regulations. You also won’t have to pay any ongoing fees. Once you get everything you need from The Bin Butler, you’re pret-ty much good to go.

Make as much money as you want.

No, really. Your potential earnings from bin cleaning depend entirely on your personal goals, as well as how much time you’re willing to commit to it. Say you were willing to put in an eight-hour day cleaning 100 bins at $8 per bin. You would make $4,000 per week and $192,000 per year, assuming a four-week holiday. The numbers would change, of course, if you were thinking of doing 75 bins a day, for instance, or if you bought another (and another) trailer and hired extra staff. Even if you paid a staff member $200 a day, let’s say, you would still have $400 a day, per trailer, if you did 75 bins daily.

Set the foundations for your future.

Maybe you don’t see yourself cleaning bins 10 years from now, but you are the type who loves to sink your teeth into a good challenge, and building a lucrative bin-cleaning empire is as good a challenge as any. You probably also want to be able to help people out by creating jobs in your community. It’s up to you to figure out how many trailers you want to have, how big your staff is and how many rounds they make per day, but however many you choose to have, you will have created a recurring income stream. That stream means you’re setting yourself up for a hefty payday if and when you decide to sell your bin cleaning business down the line.

Contact The Bin Butler, Today.