The Problem

Dirty smelly and germ infested bins line our streets.

Wheelie bins are a breeding ground for germs, bugs and foul and unpleasant smells. they can look and smell bad and put dread into anyone who has to go and put rubbish in them.

The Opportunity

Wheelie bin cleaning is a growing industry that is now widely accepted as a necessary service for homes and business’ alike

In most towns and cities there are only a small number of bin cleaning companies operating and an ever expanding customer pool. Every home and business in your area is a potential recurring customer.

The Solution!

Our wheelie bin cleaning trailers are manufactured in Queensland to meet Australian standards and conditions. The trailers hold 250 Liters of water which is recycled throughout the day, a single tank of water can clean 100 wheelie bins. The Trailers are fitted with a hydraulic lift capable of lifting 2 domestic sized bins (up-to 360 liters) or 1 Commercial sized bin (up-to 1100 liters).

Trailer Features

  • 13 HP Honda Gx390 engine
  • Dual bin, hydraulic lifting system
  • 5 stage filtration
  • Fully galvanized chassis
  • 2 safety beacons
  • 5 meters retractable hose (can purchase more)
  • extra long lance with option for a turbo nozzle attachment
  • Optional venturi pump for removing water from large bin