6 Reasons you should start a wheelie bin cleaning business now!

Hi, Simon here from The Bin Butler, this is just a quick post about some of the reasons you should start a wheelie bin cleaning business, now!

1. Massive earning potential

Just look at how many bins are out on bin day! We like to call them little pots of Gold, check our blog post on the earning potential here

2. No weekend work

We only work Monday to Friday, you can do commercial work or even other pressure washing jobs if you want to but we love having our weekends to ourselves.

3. No Boss!

Need I say more?

4. It’s a Growth industry

More bins are being rolled out all over the world, that means more customers and more money. Remember the early bird gets the worm the sooner you enter the market the better.

5. Recurring revenue

THIS IS HUGE, say you have a painting business you advertise and spend money to get a job, you paint a house and that’s it job done you get paid once and you start the search for another job. Well when you get a bin cleaning customer they have their bins cleaned either fortnightly or monthly and they stay with you for years, you keep getting paid!

6. It will become a valuable asset.

This is how you grow a valuable business. I know selling your business is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now but it shouldn’t be. By building a recurring stream of income you are setting yourself up for a big payday if and when you decide to sell your business.

So there you have it 6 great reasons why you should be starting a wheelie bin cleaning business.

For more info check out our Business opportunity page here

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